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How to Get Taxis From Gare du Nord Paris

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You can travel from Gare du Nord train station to anywhere in Paris by taking different public and private transportation methods; Train, Private transfer, public bus and taxi service. The public bus is a low-cost and slow travel option. If you have a question about how to get a taxi from Gare du Nord station, you can take a taxi From Gare du Nord Paris for 50€. Uber and local taxis are available at Paris Nord station, but the cost differs.

The train from Gare du Nord station can reach popular destinations in Paris. The train ride is cheap but less comfortable, at only 12€ per person for a one-way train ticket. The fastest and most comfortable option is a private taxi From Gare du Nord Paris which comes at 70€ per ride.

taxi from gare du nord paris

How much does it cost to get from Paris Nord station to CDG Airport?

Booking a private Taxi from Gare du Nord to Charles de Gaulle is undoubtedly the quickest and most comfortable transport option. Taking a private taxi is low-cost compared to Uber or Taxi G7. A private taxi will meet you at the Paris Nord station terminus hall or CDG Airport arrival hall.

The distance between Paris Nord Gare du Nord station to Charles de Gaulle airport is approximately 28 km, and that distance can ride within 35 minutes by private transfer or taxi service.

The private taxi from Gare du Nord has standard rates, costing 70€ for 1-3 passengers. But the local taxi prices are not specific and can be changed due to traffic conditions.