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How to get from CDG Airport to Disneyland Explore hotel

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Disneyland Paris welcomes tourists from all around the world.  Disneyland resort has seven Disney hotels and eight sub hotels. The Disney Explore located surrounded by green land with lack. This glamorous hotel is only 5 km from Disney main park and 6 km from Disney Chessy Marne la vallée train station. The Explore hotel 35 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 50 minutes from Paris Eiffel tower.


Getting From Charles de Gaulle Airport to Disney Explore hotel

If you are coming for a holiday or business trip Disneyland Explore offers excellent service for every taste and budget.You will find frequently operating Private van, taxis and Magical shuttles running between them.

The nearest airport is a Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG). There are a number of best ground transportation service daily operate from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Disneyland Explore hotel. Many people choose to reach Park by private transfer service. Disneyland provides Bus service between explore hotel and the airport.  Most visitors are usually expected shuttle Bus to get from CDG Airport to the hotel.  

 How much is a cost from CDG Airport to Disneyland Explore hotel?

There is a different kind of transfer options available from Paris Airport to Disneyland Paris. The fastest and most convenient option for transportation is by booking a  Private Disneyland Transfer service. A private Disneyland Transfer cost will start from 70€. The journey should only take around 35 minutes. If you are traveling on budget you can get public transport service at a cheap rate. The Shared transfer available travel from Paris Airport to Disneyland Paris to Disneyland Paris.

Magical Shuttle Bus to Disney Explore hotel


Image result for magical shuttle bus

The magical Disney Bus departs at the main Bus station located in front of the main entrance. A Magical shuttle is a low-cost way to travel from CDG Airport to Disneyland Explore hotel and takes approximately 1 hour.
The travel time about 80 minutes to get into the Park as shared transfers have multiple stops to collect the passengers. The cost 22€  for one passenger and you can purchase tickets online.

Private transfer from CDg to Disney Explore Hotel


shuttle disneyland paris from airport

Private shuttle is a professional and reliable transport company operating with all type of luxury Mercedes vehicles. They provide CDG Airprot Disney Explore Hotel door-to-door transfer services 24/7. They offer fixed rates and no extra payments.

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The cheapest way from CDG Airport to Disneyland Explore hotel?

The cheapest way to get from CDG airport to Disneyland explore hotel is to book a shared shuttle service. The shuttle bus ticket fare for an adult is 23€. The shuttle bus provides direct door to door between CDG airport to Disneyland Explore hotel. The disadvantage of the get on the Shuttle Bus, you have to wait for a long time and multiple stops to your final destination.


 CDG Airport to Disneyland Explore hotel By train


RER Train paris to disneyland

The trains run CDG Airport terminal and Marne-la-Vallée Chessy station. From Chessy station to Explore hotel you can get a Disney shuttle bus.The travel time around 15 minutes by Bus. The frees shuttle departs every 20 minutes from the station.If you need to reach your hotel quickly book a taxi disneyland service at the Train station.

Paris to Disney’ Explore hotel Paris

The distance between Paris city center and Explore hotel is 33 km. You will find frequently running Private van and taxis between Paris  to Disney Explore hotel.

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