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How to Get Orly airport to Paris city

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Directions from Orly airport to paris city center

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Are you flying into Orly Airport Paris city center?  you will need to discover the airport information, direction from Orly Airport to Paris city center, airline details. Orly airport (ORY), is the main second airport in Paris. The airport has two terminals , Orly west and Orly east.    The Orly airport is 15km away from the Paris city. It is a very closest airport to the Paris city center. Around 31 million passengers passing through the Orly airport an annually.

Paris Orly Airport is the busiest airport for the domestic flight and some international flights. Currently, the airport serves low-cost flights to the main

Public transportation from Orly airport to paris city center

There are two different forms of public transportation services available to travel  from Olry airport to Paris city center .

public buses

Train   service

Orly airport  Paris city center by Bus

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The RATP operates direct bus service between Orly and Paris. The OrlyBus departs every 20 minutes from  west and south terminals .

Orlybus schedule from  6am and 11.30pm.

The bus fare 7.70€ and Bus tickect can purched directly on the bus. The travel time around 40 minutes.

 Bus number  183

The cheapest travel option between Olry paris travel by 183 Bus. The bus depart departures every day, every 30 min  from the  south and west terminals. The journey takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. The Bus fare for adult 1.90€ and Bus ticket can buy  on the bus.


Bus Nmber 285 Orly airport to Paris city center :

Depart from South terminal every30 minutes, the Bus direction from Orly airport to Paris  train station Villejuif-Louis Aragon. The Bus travel time 15 minutes. The cost 1.90€. The Bus runs from Monday to Saturday from 5.12am to 11.30 pm.


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Le Bus Direct Orly airport connection

Le Bus direct operates daily Bus connections from Orly airport to Paris city centre. The journey takes around 35 minutes and Bus fare is 12€

Direction Orly to Paris by Train

The Paris has excellent train and metro network connects Orly airport to the city. Orly connects with subway RER Line B and RER Line C .The oOrly airport train station named


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Direction from Orly Airport to Paris city Train

Train travel is a popular and chepest transportation option to move from the airport. . Paris Orly airport link to the city with RER B line and RER C line. The Orly airport provide free shuttle Bus Orlyval. The free shuttle everyday every 30 minutes depart from the each terminal to Antony station. The Antony station located few kilometers far from the airport.

The train depart at 6 am – 11 pm  , The journey time around 40 minutes. The train ticket fare 12.05€ for one way

 Disadvantages of train transfers

Fixed Schedules

The train runs a fixed schedule and its not possible to adjust we need .

Less Comfortable

The  train travel is not comfortable for everyone. You need to share your trip with unknown people. you can not travel in your style.

No safely and secured

How to get a Taxi from Orly Airport

There is a different kind of Parisian Taxi companies provide Taxi service from Orly airport to Paris city. The Taxi available outside the south and west terminal. The taxi journey is very quick and expensive. the taxi fare around 70 € . The taxi journey takes 35 minutes.

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Disadvantages of hiring a Taxi

very expensive transportation service. For the short distance, they charge a huge amount.Most drivers not speaks english.


Getting Private transfer from Orly airport to Paris city


transfer from paris orly airport to paris


Private Transfer is the fastest, convenient affordable direct door to door  transportation option. The plenty of licensed companies offer private transfer to and from the airport.


Private transfer is Flexible and convenient. We can get their service at any time of the Day. The service 24 h available.

Fixed rates

They have a fixed price and no Zero hidden extra charges.  You know the cost of your journey.


Safety transfer option

Traveling with kids under 6 years old they provide car seats and booster seats.


Duration 30min 3 pax 4 pax 5 pax 6 pax 7 pax 8 pax
Orly airport to  paris city 55€ 60€ 65€ 75€ 80€ 85€



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