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How to get from Paris Airport to Disneyland

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Disneyland Paris is a very popular theme park. It is located in Marne -la Vallée. The park situated approximately  32km  east side of the Paris city.
Disneyland Paris contains two parks Disneyland theme Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, seven Disney hotels, Disney Village. The Disney Village is an entertainment area cover with restaurants, bar and shopping mall. You can find Disney Village in front of the main Disneyland park. The park receives more than 14 million tourists annualy. Every one frequently asked questions that how to get from Paris Airport to Disneyland.

How to get from Paris Airport to Disneyland by Train

The best way of getting from Paris Airport to Disneyland is to take the Train, Paris Airport has a well-connected train system.  Rail travel is the cheapest option for individual travelers.There are two main train services to Disneyland Paris.You can get TGV high-speed train from Paris airport to Disneyland. The train ticket cost will 22€ per person. The train journey will take only 12 minutes. The TGV train station is located at the CDG terminal 2. If you arrive at the Charles de Gaulle terminal 1 , you can get a CDGVAL free shuttle train to get the station. You can get RER local train from Paris airport to Disneyland Paris. The RER train line B connects from CDG airport to Chatelet Les Halles station in Paris. The RER train line A linked from Paris to Disneyland paris.

first train RER Train line B from CDG airport to Paris . The one way train ticket cost 10.50€ . You need to change the RER Train line A from Paris station to Disney chessy station. the one way cost will 7.50€.

paris airport to disneyland

What is the nearest Paris airport to Disneyland

43 km:  Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport.
45 miles:  Orly Airport (ORY).
123 miles:  Beauvais airport (BVA) Airport.

Everyone wants to know how to get from Paris airport to Disneyland.The Charles de Gaulle airport is the closest airport to Disneyland Paris.The best option to get Disneyland Paris fly into CDG Airport. You can find number of travel option at the Charles de Gaulle airport terminals to reach to the park. Paris second biggest airport is Orly airport and is locate close to Eurodisney. You can fly into Orly airport to get to Disneyland Park. The Paris Beauvais airport is a third and smallest airport in Paris. It is locate 1 hour and 40 minutes far from the Disney park.

How to get from Paris Airport Charles de Gaulle to Disneyland

Charles de Gaulle airport

Paris Charles de Gaulle airport 40 minutes far from Disneyland Paris.The motorway A-104  and A-86 connect directly from Paris Airport to Disneyland.  The airport offers a different type of transportation options. Private shuttle, private transfers, Paris taxi, and train service.

Paris Charles de Gaulle is the best airport fly into Disneyland Paris. The Airport is locate 25km north east of the Paris city. The CDG Airport offers various transport options into the Disneyland Paris. All options available directly from the Airport terminals at affordable prices. Private companies are providing private transfer service in Paris. Private transfer will cost around 60€ and the journey takes approximately 45 minutes. The easiest way to get from Paris airport to Disneyland hire a private shuttle.

How to Get from Paris Orly Airport to Disneyland

paris airport disneyland

The tourist to Disneyland Paris has several options to get from Paris Orly Airport.  These are Private Airport Transfer, Taxi Service, Car Rental and Train service. Paris taxi offer quick and comfortable door to door transfer service from Paris airport to Disneyland Paris.  If you have a lot of baggage or if you are traveling with a group hiring an airport taxi is a comfortable solution from Paris Airport to Disneyland.


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